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the mentor

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Antoine Jasmine, one of the wisest, most insightful and prominent motivational geniuses and role models of his day, has been a FATHER to many and has composed this very dynamic manuscript regarding FATHERING THE HOOD.

Everyone in the African American community has been affected, in one way or another, by Black history and the HOOD. As a result, the truths in his writing hit home.  Prophet Jasmine seamlessly delivers history, relevance, stigmas and stereotypes that have all too often negatively affected and jeopardized the African American race. Subsequently, he dauntlessly provides instructions that allow true leaders in our world sustainability to rise up and become accountable for our heritage and progeny and provide our children with the capacity to regain their identities and inheritances and become viable, successful African American families.

Our survival and preservation are based on the family unit, which includes a father. The father is the originator of the children. Mr. Jasmine’s methodologies are extremely effective, and if adhered to, they have the power to alter the state of the Black community. This book must be read by every African American boy, girl, man and woman. It will change your life!

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