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 Bishop Jasmine is an established author with renowned publications such as "How to Dominate the Prophetic Realm", "Fathering the Hood", "What's Up Son", and "Is It Only A Dream". Bishop Jasmine was also included in the publication entitled, "Mr. President" that incorporated essays from faith leaders from various ethnic and religious backgrounds detailing the legacy of President Barack Obama.


     Throughout his travels Bishop Jasmine has facilitated healing to those who are physically, spiritually, and emotionally dysfunctional. God has anointed him with an innate ability to see into the lives of all with accuracy and precision and with this special giftedness thrust them into their destiny. He continually shows himself to be honorable, steadfast, and obedient to all that God has called him to accomplish. Bishop Antoine Jasmine is God's Man; he is the hub of versatility and strength for other prophets, his ministry and the world. Shop here!

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