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On behalf of AMJ Ministries, We are humbled that you desire to come into Covenant agreement with this move of God. We do not take it for granted that the Lord allowed you to agree with us during this season. Covenant has its privileges, (Psalm 89:28) you are connected to every blessing the Lord gives to us! Covenant relationships are sometimes seasonal, meaning they can be for a specific length of time. Know this, when you come into covenant with AMJ Ministries, you are gaining "direct" contact with the next move of God that is about to manifest in the earth realm!

As a Covenant partner, you will have access to Spiritual Teachings and instructions with a deep focus on war-fare, activating your Angels, how to obtain a higher level of thinking, and priority seating when Prophet Jasmine is preaching/speaking/teaching in an area near you! I am excited about what the Lord is going to manifest through you, Psalm 105:8-1. Prophet Jasmine and his prayer team is committed to praying for your family/ministry as well as everything that concerns you. Hebrews 13:20

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After filling out the Covenant Partnership Form above, click here to choose Partnership plans. Thank you for your valued support! 

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